Hair Styling Ideas That Sets You Apart From The Crowd

During the past seasons, we’ve seen the bangs takeover the centerstage of haircuts. Side-swept bangs, full-on fringe, and even the curly bangs certainly took their time to influence how we style our hair. But if almost everyone’s wearing the same cut, can you still stand-out?

The answer: YES! The key is to experiment with different hairstyles and dyes. Check this post as we give you different ways on how to make your crowning glory worthy of a second, awestruck look.

Dare to splash colour

We get it. It’s a bit of a challenge to have your hair chopped. If you’re not yet ready to let go of your strands, it’s okay (for now). Thank goodness for hair colour treatments, you can easily amp your hair and make it stand-out without cutting!

Before booking for a hair colour appointment, consult with your hairstylist first. They would know which service and treatment are best for your locks. Here are some of hair colour styling you can consider:


Hair Highlights is perfect for adding depth and dimension to your hair. It also enhances your current hair colour, adding more flare to your existing look. Hair Highlights is like makeup for your crowning glory. Your stylist’s job is to carefully position the foils on certain parts of your hair for contouring. He also has to make sure that the Highlights will compliment your face shape and accentuate your facial features.


This hair colouring technique sets the bar high. When done properly, Balayage gives your hair a natural-looking caramel colour as if the summer sun just kissed it. The finished product should have soft highlights from the roots, then gradually increasing thickness as it reaches the tips of your strands. It should be Overall, it’s a soft, natural beach vibe hairstyle.

This technique is so intricate that only a few trained stylists can accomplish it. Check this for trained professional stylists and salons to visit for affordable Balayage styling packages.

Dare to transform

Aside from sporting a new haircut, dare to change the whole styling of your hair. Go from straight to wavy, wavy to curly, or curly to straight! Stylists at offer haircut and styling services that will transform your look into version 2.0.


They say a girl changes her hairstyle after a breakup. We say, go for a hair makeover because it’s a day in the salon, hair pampering you deserve!

Talk to your hairstylist about your plans of changing up your locks. He will examine the health and current condition of your hair, then suggest treatments before starting any cutting session. You can ask your stylist whether to freshen up your current style or go to a totally different hairdo whether a pixie cut, fringe, or a bob cut.

Haircutting is necessary to control split ends and frizz, so never shy away from chopping a few inches from your beloved crowning glory. Visit your stylist at least once every six months to maintain your hair.

Style finish

Usually, in salons, haircut packages include shampoo, conditioner, and a choice between straight iron finish or bouncy blowdry. We recommend going for the blowdry finish because not only does it give more volume to your hair, it also looks more natural. You can check this to see how natural-looking a blowdry finished style is and why it is loved by many.

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Buying a Spray Tan Machine: Things You Need to Consider

According to this blog link, when done correctly, spray tanning is one of the safest and fastest methods of gaining a tan in the modern world. However, the overall results largely depend on the equipment you are using to achieve that perfect tan. Without saying much, the best spray tanning machine is the key to those results you or your clients want.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done when you consider the numerous makes and models of spray tan machines out there. This can be an issue if you have no idea what your equipment should bring you. Now that you are actively seeking out the best spray tanning unit, below are some things you need to consider.

Do you need an LVLP or HVLP model?

One of the first things you need to identify is the type of spray tanning machine you want. A Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) spray tan gun utilises low air volume to mist your spray tan solution.

An LVLP unit requires low PSI, which makes it compatible for use with small air compressors. The gentle mist is ideal for spraying delicate skin, while a smaller compressor makes the entire unit easily portable.

A High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun is often marketed as a professional’s tool due to its higher volume. How the spray tan gun sprays and its pounds per square inch (PSI) is usually set by manufacturers, so there is no need for further adjustments, which makes such models super easy to use and set up. Main benefits of this unit include:

  • A gentle mist for delicate skin
  • Pre-set settings for the compressor
  • Powerful functionality to serve many clients
  • Easy to learn and use

Spray tan machine versatility

Whether you are a tanning professional or beginner, you must understand that not all your projects are the same. Consequently, you ought to purchase a spray tan machine that offers a bit of customisability. Leading industry brands, such as Ecococo (click this blog link to learn more), offer various options in terms of adjustability.

Some of the adjustable aspects you need to be on the lookout for include:

  • Adjustable spray nozzles that allow regulation of tanning solution flow depending on your project
  • Variable speed settings to regulate airflow speed produced by the machine to achieve the right air and solution ratio
  • A heating option that allows the unit to produce warm air instead of cold air

An overspray feature

Over spraying leads to expensive tanning solution and time wastage for any professional. Overspray makes your work messy, which also requires more effort and time put into cleaning it up.

To reduce the chances of overspray occurring, you are advised to purchase tanning machines that have a feature for reducing overspray. Such models make it easier for you to achieve high-quality results every time.

Ready to buy the best spray tan machine?

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in spray tan equipment, the next question is where to get the right model. If you are looking for a unit that is easy to set up, easy to use and is reliable, this blog link has some critical leads you can follow.

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Essential reminders in addressing deadly Melanoma Skin Cancer

Beware of unusual new dark spots or moles forming on your skin. These are common symptoms of Melanoma, which is the deadliest skin cancer globally. Thus, learn how to check your body for moles which carry cancerous cells. Additionally, you should consult reliable bulk bill doctors immediately when you notice such uncertainties on your skin.

bulk bill doctors

Learn about the deadly Melanoma and what to do when it grows on you

Melanoma is an abnormal growth in the Melanocytes or the cells which produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives natural colour to the skin. That’s why melanoma usually manifests as new dark spots or moles on the skin. Moreover, it grows on areas which receive too much ultraviolet rays, such as the face, back and arms. Take note, however, that melanoma sometimes appears like normal or healthy-looking skin. In certain cases, it also grows on body parts hidden from direct sunlight. This includes the soles of your feet, fingernail beds and genitals. Thus, visit a medical centre with reputable dermatologists right away, when you notice any skin uncertainties anywhere in your body.

Check your body for possible Melanoma growth

Early detection is important for any cancer cases. That’s because it’s easier to treat cancer in its early stages. And to identify a melanoma, you should check your body for unusual moles or dark spots. Find bulk bill doctors when you notice any of these symptoms:
  • Asymmetrical moles – melanoma moles usually have an asymmetrical shape, such as oval without similar sides or half. They usually have irregular or uneven borders as well.
  • Uneven colours – these moles also have uneven colours, and change in colours through time.
  • Size – normal moles usually don’t grow bigger than ¼ of an inch. Suspect melanoma if you notice a mole which is bigger than ¼ inch or 6mm. Moreover, such moles continue to grow and change in colours and shape as well.
Melanoma moles may carry one or more symptoms at once. That’s why Google “GP near me” immediately when you notice any of these symptoms.

Undergo diagnosis for Melanoma

When you suspect Melanoma growth on your skin, visit a dermatologist immediately for diagnosis:
  • The doctor will submit you under a biopsy procedure to confirm the growth of cancer cells. This involves taking a sample of the suspicious growth for a pathologist to examine.
  • When biopsy report shows you have cancer, the doctor will identify its stage. Stage 1 means it’s still on its early development, while stage 4 is already a severe case. Moreover, determining the stage of the cancer is important in knowing appropriate treatment procedures.
  • Next, the doctor will identify the extent of the affected area. This procedure tells if the cancer cells have spread beyond your skin, and have reached other organs in the body.

Treatment for Melanoma

After knowing the extent of skin cancer, the doctor will provide proper treatment for you. Find bulk bill doctors for you to get affordable treatments. Early-stage Melanoma requires simple removal of the entire problematic growth, including some layers of tissues surrounding it. However, late-stage melanoma requires further treatment processes. This includes removal of other affected organs, chemotherapy and radiation therapy among other special procedures. The specialist will determine the best treatment for your case. Melanoma is a serious skin problem that requires professional intervention. That’s why you should visit the right doctor when you suspect this cancer type is growing on your skin. Visit Carina Medical for more info about Melanoma. They also offer skin rejuvenation clinic services, which helps restore the health and condition of your skin. For more details, visit at
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